The Shark Navigator Reviews Tell The Real Story

Shark Navigator Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, NV22LIs the Shark Navigator vacuum going to deliver on its claims? Spend some time in this site because the Shark Navigator reviews that you’ll read here will help with your decision. There are many claims that they advertise and we’re going cover the main points that the Shark Navigator has to offer.

It’s totally fine not to initially trust the advertisements that you see in their infomercials and that’s why we’ve done some hard research on the Shark Navigator reviews to bring you the facts. If you want to know everything about the Shark Navigator vacuum, then it’s best that you stick around.

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Vacuuming Power

You don’t just listen to any claims when it comes to the vacuum cleaner? You could test it yourself or you could simply read the many Shark Navigator reviews on the Internet. There are already a ton of people who have shared their experience with the vacuuming power of Shark Navigator and we’re going to highlight some of the comments and feedback in this article.

The main benefit that almost all of the consumers pointed out in their Shark Navigator reviews is that it picked up a lot more dirt, dust and hair than the previous vacuum cleaners they’ve owned. One interesting story was from an individual who did a test by using 2 different brands to vacuum their carpet but after using Shark Navigator to vacuum the exact same location, there were still a generous amount of dust and dirt that have been picked up by the Shark vacuum. Also there was a comment from the Shark Navigator reviews saying that your carpet will look like it’s been shampooed.

There are still many positive testimonies on the amazing suction power of the Shark Navigator. It’s definitely clear that this vacuum cleaner will pick up more stuff that the other vacuum cleaners cannot. But we have to warn you because most of the time you might not like the things that get sucked up from your carpets.

Does It Maintain Suction?

The Shark Navigator is built with the Infinity Technology which pulls almost 100% of the dirt and dust away from the dust filter. This is a huge benefit because this will make sure that the cleaning power is at its utmost efficiency and this technology also gives you a no loss of suction over time. But you need to pay some attention to the max fill indicator on the dust cup to make sure that it’s working at an optimum level.

When you read the hundreds of Shark Navigator reviews online, you will quickly find out that people are very much satisfied with the no loss of suction technology. Many people felt that the company’s claims really delivered on its promises. Take note that this is also the same suction capability that the more expensive Dyson vacuums are well known for. If you think that your previous vacuum cleaner has great suction power, then wait until you’ve tried the Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner.

Is The Shark Navigator Good for Pet Hair?

When you check out the Shark Navigator reviews over at, you’ll find out that there are many people who are very much satisfied with how the Shark Navigator picks up pet hair. There was this one individual who owned 3 shedding dogs but didn’t have any luck with other vacuum cleaners except for the Shark Navigator. There were even some people who owned a mix of cats and dogs and the Shark vacuum only made their lives a lot easier.

No More Messy Vacuum Bags

The Shark Navigator is a bagless type of vacuum cleaner. This basically means that you don’t have to think about any messy bags to clean. This is also beneficial for people who have some serious issues with asthma and other related allergies.

Noise Level

First, it’s important to know that there is no such thing as a whisper quiet vacuum. The good news based from the Shark Navigator reviews is that it’s actually much quieter when you compare it to other vacuum cleaners especially when you take note of its tremendous suction power. A good number of consumers reported that it is generally quiet but it does produce a somewhat high-pitched sound which is nothing to be concerned about. If you’re someone who likes to vacuum at night, you can definitely use the Shark Navigator. You can even have a nice talk with someone in the same room while using this vacuum.

Is the Filter Easy to Clean?

You can wash the filters and there’s even an extra set of filters provided for you so you can still use the Shark Navigator while you wait for the previous filters to dry. The dust cup is very easy to empty out and people were very much pleased by how easy the process is especially when you compare it to other bagless vacuums that are available today. Some parents even let their kids empty the dust filters out.

How About the Assembly Process?

Putting this vacuum together is very easy based on the numerous Shark Navigator reviews. Generally it’s going to take you only 5 minutes from the moment you open the box to turning the Shark vacuum on. But still it’s important to read and follow the directions really carefully.

Is the Shark Navigator Easy to Maneuver?

The Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner is also lightweight and a breeze to maneuver since it only weighs in at 15 pounds. Take note that it’s not super lightweight as you cannot lift this vacuum with your pinky finger. But when it comes to moving the Shark Navigator up and down the stairs, you’ll have an easy job doing that. If you live in an apartment or have limited space in your house, the compact design will be beneficial when it comes to the storage of the Shark Navigator.

How Much Is It?

When you read the Shark Navigator reviews, you will see that a lot of people are very much satisfied with the price. The general comment of the consumers is that they are not convinced in getting a $300 – $500 vacuum such as the Dyson vacuum. With Shark Navigator, you’ll get the same powerful suction of a Dyson but you’ll get it at an affordable and reasonable price. Additionally, there’s also a 5-year limited warranty for your purchase which basically tells you that the makers of the Shark Navigator definitely believes in the longevity and quality of their product.

What about the Issues?

It’s really difficult to find any huge complaints when you read some Shark Navigator reviews but no product is perfect. It seems that the main concern that some of the consumers have with the Shark Navigator is its dust cup because it’s not that big. A smaller dust cup means that you have to empty it out frequently. The good news however, is that you can easily empty out the dust cup. It’s advisable that you wrap the dust cup in a plastic bag and go outside to empty it out. You do this because you obviously do not want to contaminate your house with the dust you’ve just picked up. Another issue that some of the people mentioned in their Shark Navigator reviews is the power cord because it’s not going to automatically wind back up.

Read More Shark Navigator Reviews

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Read the 2012 Shark Navigator Reviews

Now this article is going to focus on the positive Shark Navigator reviews from consumers this 2012. If you want the main Shark Navigator reviews then simply go to this website’s homepage because it will also tell you what you need to know when it comes to the not so good things about the Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner. We are all very aware that no product is perfect and that’s why we’ve included some of the concerns from people in our Shark Navigator reviews. But since this vacuum cleaner is so popular, we’re going to share some of the stories from people who have bought and experienced it.

We’re going to start with Faye who is from Tucson Arizona who decided to take a chance with the Shark Navigator vacuum. She took a chance because the many positive Shark Navigator reviews made up for the very few negative testimonies. She ordered the vacuum at the lowest price over at It was delivered within 2 days of placing the order. She was more than happy with how easy the instructions were because even for a senior citizen, assembling the Shark Navigator was a breeze. Well if you’re going to read the Shark Navigator reviews both here in our site and at other places, you’ll quickly know that the assembly process is pretty straightforward and takes only a few minutes (5-10 minutes). Of course Faye was really excited to try the Shark Navigator and she still picked up a lot of dust and dirt even if she just vacuumed the day before. There was one benefit that Faye really appreciated and it was the weight of the vacuum which is at 15 pounds. Take note that Faye just bought this vacuum but she made sure that she will update her review when she needs to.

Next from the many Shark Navigator reviews is a testimony from Bethany. She was searching for a vacuum cleaner that has the capability to switch effortlessly from carpet to hard wood. She also wants a vacuum that could pick up a huge amount of pet hair. According to Bethany, the Shark Navigator vacuum delivers what she needs wonderfully. You can easily push a button where you can turn the roller brush off when you want to clean your hardwood floors. She mentioned that the suction is very powerful and it’s not going to blow back any dust back into the air. She first used the Shark Navigator just after she vacuumed with an old Bissel but the Shark still managed to pick up a good amount of dog hair.

There was another individual who bought this vacuum because of the many satisfied Shark Navigator reviews. According to this particular consumer, it was not really easy to spend the extra money to buy the Shark Navigator but it’s absolutely worth it. The factors that made it very convincing to buy it were the washable filters and the five-year warranty offer. This consumer also added that the Shark Navigator operates like a shop vacuum but without needing to deal with the bulkiness. Again, the consumer was very satisfied with how quiet the Shark vacuum is compared to other vacuums.

We also found another good one from the countless Shark Navigator reviews and this is from someone who doesn’t buy on impulse and reads a lot of reviews before making any buying decisions. She even dropped by the Good Housekeeping website and checked out all the reviews that gave the Shark Navigator vacuum the seal of approval (A minus grade). She found out from the site that it does a wonderful job of picking up deep down dirt and pet hair from carpets and hardwood floors. Like you’ve read before it’s lightweight but take note that it doesn’t have any HEPA filter. Even without a HEPA filter, you can feel confident because you won’t feel any dirt or debris blowing back at you. The single complaint that they have however is the anti tip hook was not really doing a good job when extending the hose in either left or right of the vacuum. She also experienced the powerful suction power and she did empty out the dust filter a number of times. She was quick to add that emptying the filter out is a very easy thing to do. The Shark Navigator is not a propelled type of vacuum but she was amazed at the power of the motorized floor brush and thought that it’s like a propelled one.

Another thing that you will see when reading some Shark Navigator reviews is that people will compare it with the Dyson vacuum. You might think there’s some hype on the Shark vacuum in their infomercials but when you try to read the reviews of previous Dyson owners, their expectations were exceeded after using the Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner. One reviewer said that their Dyson vacuum will end up as a secondary vacuum because the suction power of the Shark Navigator is definitely more superior. Here’s her story… she has a big dog and a couple of cats and she vacuums daily. With the Dyson, which she took really good care, it takes her several times to pick up the pet hair. With the Shark Navigator, it only takes her one. She also likes the longer hose but the hose is also the reason why she gave the Shark vacuum a 4 star rating. It seems that the longest attachments don’t attach to the vacuum so you have to carry them around just in case you need them.

Even if you’re looking for the best vacuum for pet hair and not Shark Navigator reviews, you will probably encounter the Shark vacuum. One of the major advantages of owning this vacuum is that it’s perfect for pet owners. There are really a lot of testimonials from pet owners who have given their high approval for the Shark Navigator vacuum. Of course we’re not asking you to believe everything that you read here. Instead what we suggest is that you should do your own personal investigation. A good place to start reading is the Shark Navigator reviews from If you like a discount link, then go ahead to our Shark Navigator reviews in the homepage and you’ll find the link there.